CBD Oil Full Spectrum (1500mg)

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Our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is the perfect solution for those looking to remedy pain throughout their body. available in orange flavor.


CBD Oil Full Spectrum (1500mg)

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Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Our Full Spectrum 1500mg CBD Hemp Oil is the perfect solution for those looking to remedy pain throughout their body. When used correctly, this hemp oil with CBD can treat several medical conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, muscular fatigue, inflammation, cancer-related pain, skin conditions, and chronic pain.

CBD hemp oil is straightforward to use with our convenient applicator, so you’ll always get the right dosage amount. This full spectrum CBD oil comes in a 1500mg container, with a suggested dosage of 50mg per serving. This product is currently available in orange flavor to ensure that you enjoy using it every time.

How To Use Full Spectrum?

Hemp oil with CBD can be easily applied as a tincture, under the tongue, or added to food and beverages. Unscrew the unique applicator lid and use the eye-drop applicator to suck up the correct dosage of the CBD oil that you want.

If you prefer to use the oil as a tincture, you’ll want to use the applicator to administer the proper dosage under your tongue. Hold the oil there for about one minute before you proceed to swallow it. Tinctures are the fastest ways to experience the CBD oil healing because the oil is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream via the veins underneath the tongue.

Why Medical Mor Full Spectrum CBD?​

Why Medical Mor Full Spectrum CBD?​

Full Spectrum CBD comes in a great orange flavor, delivering versatile benefits for the user, starting with whole-body pain relief. Users can also expect anxiety relief, skin benefits, decreased insomnia, and other fast-acting benefits. Use the full-spectrum CBD as a tincture, under the tongue, or mixed with your favorite foods for easy consumption.

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CBD is known as a medical healing compound since back in 2900 B.C.

CBD help for reducing chronic pain throughout the body by altering endocannabinoid receptor activity to reduce bodily inflammation. Hemp oil with CBD is perfect for people suffering from chronic and short-term pain who want an all-natural treatment.

The healing benefits of CBD don’t stop just at the pain. It also helps to treat depression, anxiety, inflammatory skin conditions, and addictions. You should check with your doctor to determine the adequate dosage for your health condition.

This type of CBD oil is known as Full Spectrum. which means that the hemp oil comprises CBD and all the other natural chemicals found within the hemp plant. These other chemicals combined from terpenes, essential oils, and cannabinoids.

This natural product can cause side effects if mixed with other conventional medications. It’s best to talk with your physician about CBD use if you’re currently on prescription medications.

Many people looking to use CBD for their medical problems tend to worry about getting a ‘high’ feeling from the product. While our 1500mg CBD Oil is full spectrum, it only contains very trace amounts of THC, the psychoactive chemical that causes the ‘high’ effect. Each bottle with lab-tested oil that is to contain less than 0.3% THC. You’ll never have to worry about getting a high from our products.


Full Spectrum CBD (from hemp oil), MCT Oil(medium-chain triglyceride), Orange Flavoring

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